For as long as Erica can remember, fashion has been her calling. After graduating from FIT in 2012, she found herself working in the swimwear industry, heading the e-commerce departments for multiple brands. While her strengths lied within merchandising, design and creation were her passion. While she found herself gravitating towards textiles in general, she couldn't find a medium she absolutely loved. In 2015 she watched a few youtube tutorials and started hand embroidering in her free time - on anything she could get her hands on. She especially loved adding delicate features to shorts and denim jackets. Erica started putting her work on her personal Instagram and would sell pieces to friends and family almost immediately.

Soon after, she decided she wanted to purchase an embroidery machine to speed up the creation process but still wanted a hand made feel to the pieces she was creating. She found an old 1930's chainstitch embroidery machine on eBay, and Gypstitch Embroidery was born. Every day, Erica is learning something new about her Singer114w103, in which she manually hand cranks every patch and denim jacket she makes - making each piece hand made and one of a kind.